How to setup redux store using redux toolkit Part 1

2. createSlice

A function that accepts an initial state, an object of reducer functions, and a “slice name”, and automatically generates action creators and action types that correspond to the reducers and state.
For Example

const initialState = {loading: false };

const loadingSlice = createSlice({

name: ‘loading’,


reducers: {

enableLoader: (state: LoadingState) => {

return {


loading: true,



disableLoader: (state: LoadingState) => {

return {


loading: true,





export const { enableLoader, disableLoader } = loadingSlice.actions;

export default loadingSlice.reducer;

3. create Store

import rootReducers from ‘app/store/slice’;

import { configureStore, combineReducers } from ‘@reduxjs/toolkit’;

import React from ‘react’

import { Provider, useSelector } from ‘react-redux’;

import { View } from ‘react-native’;

const reducers = combineReducers(rootReducers);

const store = configureStore({

reducer: reducers,


const App = () => {

return (

<Provider store={store}>






export default App;

4.Now you can dispatch action and get value in your project ,

5. for further visit Part 2 here for configure store from scratch using redux toolkit here for configure persist store using redux toolkit here for configure middleware using redux toolkit here for configure redux-logger using redux toolkit




Software Engineer (React/React Native Developer)

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Ahtisham Shahzad

Ahtisham Shahzad

Software Engineer (React/React Native Developer)

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